Tile Samples


Just Tiles free sample process imageJust Tiles offer a free tile sample service. This allows you to view tile samples in your own home to help you decide which tiles are best for providing the effect you desire.

Using our tile sample system you can pick up to 5 samples to be delivered free of charge to your own home. Each tile sample is 10cm by 10cm.

Ordering tile samples works very much like a tradditional on-line shopping cart system. Simply browse the on-line catalogue and find the tiles you like. Any tile that we can provide a sample for is indicated by the following image in the top right hand corner of the description.

Clicking on this image will add that tile to your list of requested tile samples. Once you have selected the samples you want you can proceed to the "checkout" page where you will be asked to provide your shipping details so that we can send the samples to you.

If you need additional help, information or want to place an order them please either:

This service is provided for your convenience, free of charge, without obligation, and we reserve the right to decline to provide samples upon our sole discretion.